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M. Lee Buompensiero

penned Sumerland, a novel with deep roots in San Diego, inspired by the author’s own family history.

Buompensiero also writes under the pen name, Loren Zahn, and is the creator of the Theo Hunter Mystery Series about a San Diego investigative reporter and female sleuth who uncovers the deep, dark secrets, cover-ups and unsolved crimes lurking behind San Diego’s tourist-mecca image.


Joe Bonpensiero, Lt. Colonel (Ret.)

Dinner in Happy Valley – A career veteran, Joe Bonpensiero writes about his experiences in Vietnam in Dinner in Happy Valley. With a nod to Korea’s MASH and WWII’s Catch 22, Colonel “Bomp’s” memoir is a wild and wacky tribute to his comrades-in-arms who carried on in the face of foolish bureaucratic demands, often resulting in dangerous SNAFU’s. He tells it like he lived it—the insanity of war with some of the finest enlisted and NCO’s around, while some wacko officers attempt to lead the charge. Joe Bonpensiero served in the United States Air Force for twenty years. His career took him to over nine worldwide assignments and to Vietnam where he earned a Bronze Star.

“Colonel Bomp will grab your attention immediately! This is not a read for the timid. You’ll feel the emotions of a tour in Vietnam and the language that came with it. This is the real deal!” – Colonel Dave Warner, USAF (Ret., (F4 Pilot Da Nang, SVN)


NiputiThe Nephew“If you ask, I give, you owe!” Mafia extortionist, hit man, and California’s most feared killer,” Frank Bompensiero, lived by this simple motto—even when dealing with family. On the other hand, Sammy Bonpensiero didn’t just have a differently spelled surname from his older brother (the result of a mistake on his birth certificate by the midwife), he had an entirely different view of life. Sammy believed in working hard for an honest day’s pay and loving a good woman for a lifetime. And, he passed this life view on to his son Joe.

Frank Bompensiero (mobster), Joe Bonpensiero (nephew), Sam Bonpensiero (brother)
Frank Bompensiero (mobster), Joe Bonpensiero (nephew), Sam Bonpensiero (brother)

NiputiThe Nephew is Joe Bonpensiero’s expose’ of his uncle’s evil dealings and their tragic impact on those closest to him. In this raw tell-all, Joe reveals the Mafia family influence that stretched from one end of the continent to another, leaving a trail of broken dreams, disillusionment, and destruction. Frank’s gutsy nephew—pulls no punches as he reveals the true face of the Mafia and its evil, and the strength of heart it takes to survive in its shadow.

“Bonpensiero seeks to bury the hatchet about his mobster uncle (Mafia killer Frank Bompensiero). And the “Niputi—The Nephew” delivers. Tightly knit narrative and entertaining, the unfolding of an American life colored by the Sicilian immigrant experience.” – Kirkus Reviews



Janet Hafner

Janet Hafner is a memoir/essay and children’s book author, enjoying the beauty of Southern California and five grandchildren. She taught English as a Second Language and Spanish, coached business professionals and facilitated change in under-performing schools in California. She is active in The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the San Diego Writers Editors Guild and two writing/critique groups, one at San Diego State University and the other with SCBWI. She has studied with internationally published author, Kathi Diamant and children’s author, Carolyn Marsden at University of California San Diego. Her debut novel, Eye of an Eagle, received a “highly recommended” rating from the SDW/EG Manuscript Review Board. Most of her published articles focused on teaching English to international students. She co-authored and produced a beginning Spanish television course, Conversemos. She’s lived and studied in Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada and travelled extensively in China and Europe with her husband. The adventures of her three sons inspire her writing. Her special dream diary contains hundreds of full color sagas that weave their way into her writing.

Peter Poppin and the Lost Emerald - In 1800's Maine, thirteen-year-old Peter Poppin, his faithful dog Patches, and his friend Marian discovering hidden treasure, experience encounters with pirates, and find that true friendship has no boundaries as the young adventurers learn to overcome fear, be true to themselves and others, and face challenges as they embrace a new and wonderful destiny! Janet felt that the story contained the kind of adventure that youngsters ages 9-12 would find exciting, encouraging, and above all, fun!

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Mardie Schroeder

Mardie Schroeder, author of Go West for Luck Go West for Love, says, “I’m well past middle age and consider myself very fortunate to have spent twenty years in the horse world.” Mardie is a contributing writer to the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild anthologies and is the president of the Guild. She is a vocal and active supporter of the writing arts in San Diego. Go West for Luck Go West for Love is her first novel.

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David Arledge Feldman

David Feldman, author of Irreverent Forever, enjoyed thirty years as copy editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune, fifty-five years working as a reporter and editor on newspapers, including European Stars & Stripes and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. He also taught journalism in colleges for 32 years, part time. 

Drop Dave a line on his blogspot at: http://www.feldysworld.com